Part One: Transformative Learning Conversations

0C9A0116I have been engaged in a professional supervision process during all stages of my career journey, and I have benefited from working shoulder to shoulder with each supervisor.

My experience with supervision began when I was a new teacher and was entering into the world of classroom learning with a group of brilliant students.


I had many new and unpredictable experiences. I was very lucky, and very grateful, for the curriculum supervisors that I had chosen to work with.


DSC_0137As a classroom teacher, I craved someone to share the wonders of the learning environment and the transformative tone of student learning. I loved to open up my queries, stories, challenges and celebrations with them in this wonderfully complex and rewarding work.


I felt reassured knowing that I had knowledgeable, and wise support, from supervisors who had a dearth of experience and expertise. This, in turn, assisted me by building my confidence and my expertise in my craft of learning and teaching. These supervisors helped me to open up the classroom walls. They invited me to think, imagine and develop my competencies as an educator. They were critical and growth oriented. We learned together. Shoulder to shoulder.


As coaches, we now have this same type of an opportunity for transformative learning conversations with trained coach supervisors. Coaching supervision is a relatively recent practice in coaching. “Supervision is potentially a transformative conversation. It invites both parties to move into the unknown with confidence, in order to learn together.” (Full Spectrum Supervision: Who You Are is How You Supervise, 2013, p. xxvi). These conversations offer the potential to open up spaces for inquiry and cultivate professional expertise and depth for us as coaches.

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