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What Factors within Organizations and Individuals Might Create the Conditions for Bullying?

Bullying in the Workplace Sara, our character in the last blog, experienced bullying related to a new workplace context with a new supervisor. Inherent to her struggle with a certain supervisor is the environment within which the bullying took place. Research continues to demonstrate that instances of bullying may be influenced by intrapersonal, interpersonal and […]

Bullies as Leaders Part II

Why Bullies Are Hired “At the beginning of my career, I scored what I thought was my dream job, helping a global athletic brand launch a sports academy. As I soon discovered, I had walked into an uncivil work culture where bullying, rudeness and other forms of incivility ran rampant. The actions of a narcissistic, […]

Bullies as Leaders

The Potential Effects of a Lack of Civility in Organizations How you treat people means everything – whether they will trust you, build relationships with you, follow you, support you, and work hard for you or not.  Many leaders know that incivility is costly, but they don’t always recognize just how much civility pays or how to […]