Michelle T. Bastock, PhD, MCC

I am a team coach supervisor, a coach supervisor and an executive coach. I provide you with:

  • A safe and reflective space to attend to your own enhanced growth.
  • An ongoing focus on the development of the art and science of your practice.
  • An external perspective, and sounding board, to attend to deepening the quality of your practice.

For Coaches – Team Coaching Supervision, Individual Coaching Supervision & Mentor Coaching

Are you a coach looking to hone your skills? Michelle, Master Certified Coach (MCC) is an experienced mentor and a forerunner in the field of Team Coaching Supervision & Coaching Supervision. Click here to find out more.

For Teams, Executives & Leaders

Are looking to sharpen your strategic edge, enhance your influence and improve your results? Michelle is an accredited Systemic Team Coach & Complex Adaptive Systems (PERILL) Team Coach. Teams and individuals, click here to find the right approach for you.

For Trainers & Coaches

Are you planning a workshop or a course and don’t know where to start? Click here to see how Michelle can customize a solution for you.

For Retirement Coaching

Are you looking to retire and aren’t sure how to approach this transition? As a certified Retirement Options Coach, Michelle helps you focus on the critical aspects of non-financial retirement planning. Click here to find out how.

Expand your repertoire of successful results and strategies
  • Do you have a particularly challenging engagement and you need to collaborate with a thinking partner for direction?
  • Do you have arising questions regarding complex aspects of ethical matters?
  • Are you open to working shoulder to shoulder with a thinking partner who will engage with you to action your greatest potential for results?

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breadth. depth.

I cannot recommend Dr. Michelle Bastock highly enough. If you want to truly work on what’s most meaningful, be challenged and supported, and accelerate your growth, Michelle is a professional who will deliver! I was incredibly impressed by the breadth and depth of knowledge she brought to each of our sessions. You will absolutely feel like you are her only client – though you will be one of many fortunate clients who benefit from Michelle’s expertise. Thought-provoking, kind, and a model of integrity, Michelle fosters reverence and honoring of learning in service of her client’s goals. Without a doubt, I am a better coach and better person as a result of working with Michelle.

clarity. sensivity.

The clarity and sensitivity of Michelle’s communication, in both oral and written forms, gains her the respect of others and allows her to engage them in the thoughtful processes of understanding and reflection. Michelle listens carefully, asks essential questions, and presents information in a way that offers others a more expansive understanding of the topic at hand.

curiosity. knowledge. ability.

Throughout the time I have known Michelle; I have admired the level of intellectual acumen and compassion that she has brought to her work. She encompasses the best of intellectual curiosity, breadth of knowledge and analytical ability, as well as personal qualities such as good judgment, discipline, integrity and commitment to social justice and equity.

focus. affirmation. resolution.

Michelle shows abstract pattern recognition that is unique to philosophical work and a philosophical mind. Michelle picks up subtle patterns and presents them for me to work with. Such conversations are the function of a philosophical mind, as is the ability to abstract from situations. This presents a sophisticated tool that gives me the framework to understand my behavior, make choices about that behavior and to create a series of behaviors that form a new pattern. This work puts the picture into focus, and coupled with the positive affirmation, I can build on, and act on, a problem for good resolution; these, in turn, link to other themes that I present. Being able to clearly see these themes to act upon is crucial because once you see it, you can act on it.

explore. possibilities.

Michelle asks me if I can go deeper. It’s deep, testing, stepping out. I ask again, can I really go deeper? I learn more about myself in the context of this work, can I really get bigger? These coaching conversations promote a bigger sense of possibility and I explore what I can do, what I need to do to get bigger.

process. discover.

Michelle brings a very nice energy and tone to the coaching and creates a clear structure for the client in a professional manner. Michelle does an excellent job of framing what she is noticing is going on and then allowing for clients to process and discover for themselves. Michelle listens really, really well. She creates a very safe space for her clients and they benefit from being able to speak with her about challenges.

compassion. support.

It has been a delight and a pleasure to work with Michelle Bastock as my coaching supervisor. Her understanding, compassion and support have been invaluable in allowing me to recognise both my strengths and weaknesses as a coach. Michelle has without a doubt impacted my practice as she works with a great deal of integrity and focus. She brings to every session challenges, insights and wisdom that only enhance my understanding of myself and my practice. What a wonderful guide and support.